MILD (Thailand) 来日公演

MILD is a Top Thai band from Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai. Mild is recognised for their easy listening pop music with 6 members as follows;

1) Bodin Charoenrat (Pae) – Vocals

2) Gent Manopiniwes (Tao) – Guitar

3) Pithawas Khunthong (Khun) – Bass

4) Nathepat Prasertmanukitch (Tomtom) – Keyboard

5) Phaisit Khamklan (Pae) – Saxophone

6) Thongchai Timpool (Mike) – Drums

Mild is the band that actually write and produce their own songs. Most are famous for sad and heart touching songs. Before becoming a successful bands, Mild was an acknowledged local band in Chiang Mai with greatest daily live performance since 2007. Throughout their artist career, the fourth album ‘MI4D’ has been launch this year and they have been also known for the band with best live concert. Mild won the award of Popular Vote in The Guitar Mag Awards 2016 Real Awards for Real Artists, making them the top band which have the biggest Thai fan club and followers of all time. The best known Mild song must be ‘UNLOVABLE’ which is about sadness over a broken relationship. The latest single is ‘SAYONARA’ with more than 100 million views on youtube.

Open 19:00 Start 19:30 ・ adv. 2,500 +1D 500

●registration for adv tickets
available until September 12, 2016 @18:00




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