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2023.04.19 | More Tokyo Music : Balou & Chef Boy Bonez & AWSM., Lizzy Ashliegh, OneTwenty, Los Kamer

出演|Balou & Chef Boy Bonez & AWSM. / Lizzy Ashliegh / OneTwenty / Los Kamer

日時 2023.04.19(水) 開場 / 18:30 開演/ 19:00


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前売り ¥ 2800 | 当日 ¥ 3500 +1D ¥700 or 2D¥1,000






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【More Tokyo Musicとは|About More Tokyo Music】

More Tokyo Musicは Moon Romanticとの新コラボ・プロジェクト。毎週水曜日、厳選された音と、東京が誇る才能の数々をご紹介! 会場をほんのり照らす月明かりの下で音楽好きが集い、みんなで交わす月見酒… 今までくらべて少しキラキラした水曜日をご提供致します✨

In our weekly collaboration with Moon Romantic we bring you the cream of the crop of the Tokyo live music scene. Every Wednesday you can find More than Music posted under the bright moon of Aoyama. So if you are a life music lover you simply can't miss out on this series!

【演奏|The Music】

Balou & Chef Boy Bonez & AWSM.


Balou is a Nigerian artist bringing his energetic style to many genres. The Los Angeles native has been setting trends in the underground scene and is taking his talents mainstream.

Chef Boy Bonez

Bonez is a resident of Hollywood, Los Angeles and he is often referred to as the Hollywood Eye Popper.

Apparently, in his late 20s, Bonez is a professional eye-popper. The social media influencer has a huge fan base on Instagram. He is also present on YouTube and TikTok. Bonez first experimented with eye-popping in high school when everyone freaked out after his weird demonstration. Currently, he is on his goal of setting the world record for the furthest eye bulge.


Lizzy Ashliegh

Your favorite "Ice Cream Sundae" mixed with the best toppings you can buy. That is what a Lizzy Ashliegh song will do to your inner emotions. A singer, songwriter, actress, creative director and more. Lizzy has studied Film and Television at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts (NYCDA). She creative directs her own music videos and will occasionally edit a few short pieces for her fans. Lizzy is known for her bubbly personality, bright smile, and unique voice. When she's not dancing and expressing her wild side during a live performance like R&B singer Kehlani she is presenting her more down-to-earth alternative indie pop style similar to artists like Jhené Aiko and Erykah Badu. Her first release was a single entitled "Rose Colored Glasses". Many compare her at that time to the great icon Amy Winehouse. Lizzy's single "Feel" (2018) has really opened doors! Check out Lizzy Ashliegh's music on Spotify and chime in to see what the future holds for this bright star!


Born in Brunswick, GA Home of the late Ahmaud Arbery, OneTwenty is an artist who many say, sounds like ten different people. His roots lie in Opera and Hip-hop but through the years many influences have created the sound you hear today. His genres are Hip-hop, Pop, RnB, as well as many other collaborative sounds. Currently OneTwenty is located in Tokyo, Japan. and is an active Youtuber. A few of his influences are T.I.,Bruno Mars, Drake, Kid Cudi, The Weeknd, as well as many old school artists such as Bill Withers and Otis Redding.

Los Kamer

Los Kamer has a 12 year trajectory in the music scene. All of the band members are born in the Ixtapaluca and Chalco municipalities of the State of Mexico. Like gypsies they have been musical nomads whose sound has reached Europe, where they have toured Fourth time since 2015. Each tour longer than the previous one. Some of the countries they shared their music with are Hungary, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Poland, France, Switzerland and many others. They were able to present themselves at important festivals such as: Fête de la Musique (DE) and Boomtown Festival (UK) This year they’ll present in Glastonbury one of the biggest Festival in Europe. They have three records. The first is called “Indestructible” (2016), the second “The Kamer” (2017) and the third album called “Tlazokamati”(2019). Los Kamer is a Gypsy Band all their compositions are original. Their music is influenced by Emir Kusturica, Fanfare Ciocarlia, Taraf de Haïdouks, Manu Chao and others. The sound of Los Kamer is a combination of Jazz, Swing, Western, Balkan, Klezmer, Gypsy, Mexican traditional music and Latin rhythms. In Mexico Balkan Mex music has flourished. Its festive character, the culture and the tradition is the main reason why Los Kamer adopted this genre. Los Kamer accomplishes their own original sound by combining the rhythms of Balkan with other genres.


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