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2023.04.26 |【観覧】Robert Taira Wilson - New Single Release Show! With Turtle Recall / Indus and Rocks

出演|Robert Taira WIlson / TURTLE RECALL / INDUS & ROCKS

日時 2023.04.26(水) 開場 / 18:30 開演/ 19:00


TICKET ■観覧チケット

前売り ¥ 2800 | 当日 ¥ 3500 +1D ¥700 or 2D¥1,000






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【More Tokyo Musicとは|About More Tokyo Music】

More Tokyo Musicは Moon Romanticとの新コラボ・プロジェクト。毎週水曜日、厳選された音と、東京が誇る才能の数々をご紹介! 会場をほんのり照らす月明かりの下で音楽好きが集い、みんなで交わす月見酒… 今までくらべて少しキラキラした水曜日をご提供致します✨

In our weekly collaboration with Moon Romantic we bring you the cream of the crop of the Tokyo live music scene. Every Wednesday you can find More than Music posted under the bright moon of Aoyama. So if you are a life music lover you simply can't miss out on this series!

【演奏|The Music】

Robert Taira Wilson (ロバート・タイラ・ウィルソン)

Robert is an English artist, musician and songwriter currently based in Japan. His music fuses intricate, classically influenced guitar playing with modern alternative songwriting. He draws inspiration from a diverse range of genres and weaves together original and deeply personal songs.


Turtle Recall

亀十 | 戌年の射手座


A Sagittarius in the Year of the Dog, KameJu has roots in Ishigaki Island, France, and now lives in Tokyo. He sings songs that unfolds the story from these three metropolitan cities.


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