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2023.02.22 |【観覧+配信】MTM Presents : Robert Taira Wilson - New Single Release Show! With special guests

LINE UP | Robert Taira WIlson / Yellow Studs

2023.02.22(WED) Door Open / 19:00 Start・On Air / 19:30


TICKET TICKET advanced ¥ 2,800 | door ¥ 3,300



URL coming soon

MTM Member’s Discount Code: 230201MR

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【About Stay wild moon childとは|About Stay wild moon child】

Stay wild moon child は Moon Romanticとの新コラボ・プロジェクト。毎週水曜日、厳選された音と、東京が誇る才能の数々をご紹介! 会場をほんのり照らす月明かりの下で音楽好きが集い、みんなで交わす月見酒… 今までくらべて少しキラキラした水曜日をご提供致します✨

In our weekly collaboration with Moon Romantic we bring you the cream of the crop of the Tokyo live music scene. Every Wednesday you can find More than Music posted under the bright moon of Aoyama. So if you are a life music lover you simply can't miss out on this series!

【演奏者|The Music】 

【エベントとは|About the event】






More Than Music x Moon Romanticのイベントシリーズの詳細や他のイベントに情報などはこちらからチェック!毎週水曜日、厳選された音と東京が誇る才能の数々をご紹介! 会場をほんのり照らす月明かりの下で音楽好きが集い、みんなで交わす月見酒… いつもよりも少しキラキラと輝く水曜日をご提供致します✨

Robert Taira Wilson kicks off the year with a keenly anticipated single release - Dragonfly! Many of us who have seen Robert perform this song live have been eagerly awaiting its official release for a while now, and we are over the moon to announce that it’s finally here!

2023 is shaping up to be a big year for MTM and RTW. With a show booked each month and a brand new release planned for every one of them, Robert is integrating into MTMs weekly collaboration with one of the most spectacular live houses in Tokyo, Ayama Moon Romantic.

You can check out the rest of the More Than Music Moon Romantic event series here. Each week we bring you our patented, handpicked and expertly tailored shows overflowing with the very best music around.

Every Wednesday, come and join us under the bright full moon, scoffing up the richest, fullest, full fat moon cheese that the Tokyo music scene has to offer.

【生演奏|The Music】

Robert Taira Wilson (ロバート・タイラ・ウィルソン)

Robert is an English artist, musician and songwriter currently based in Japan. His music fuses intricate, classically influenced guitar playing with modern alternative songwriting. He draws inspiration from a diverse range of genres and weaves together original and deeply personal songs.


Yellow Studs

2003年に結成された東京のロックバンド「Yellow Studs」。ガレージ、ロック、ジャズなど様々な要素を取り入れ、印象的な楽曲を作り出してきた。リードボーカル、野村太一の嗄れた声は全体の雰囲気を引き締め、グリズリーグランチを感じさせる。見たことのない人は見逃さないでほしい、東京のインディー・シーンを代表する驚異的なバンドです。

Formed in 2003 this Tokyo based rock band incorporates various elements from garage, rock and jazz into their impressive catalog of songs. The hoarse voice of lead singer Taichi Nomura gives their performance a grizzly grunch vibe that ties it all together. This is a phenomenal band that has been a staple of the Tokyo indie scene. A must see!


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